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Benefits of PEC Training


We use bids you are working, providing results you immediately apply to your proposal.


You own the training material - do your own refresher retraining as needed.


We "train the trainer" - so you can perform your own training as needed..


Our trainers are on the ground every day working proposals- bringing real-world experience to the sessions.


Fixed Price offerings that include travel - no hidden costs or cost escalation.




PEC provides a comprehensive set of training programs that accelerate your Opportunity to Award maturity and capability. The result - increased Return on Investment for all business development activities while bidding more jobs to expand your base.

We use standard training plans that promote a rich hands-on experience in topics our customers gain significant key skills. PEC can also develop custom training programs to meet your individual needs.

Dynamic Storyboarding using Mind Mapping Techniques

Getting from concept to solution visually and quickly

Description: This session provides the complete set of data aggregation tool training from the Proposal Maturity ModelTM. The training includes basic and advanced concepts of MindManager®, as well as using Dynamic Storyboarding concepts to respond to and generate a Request For Information (RFI) draft response. We are happy to use a real solicitation on Day 2 to apply Dynamic Storyboarding to a real proposal.

Day 1: MindManager 1 - Basic Concepts and MindManager 2 - Advanced Concepts
Day 2: MindManager 3 - RFI Response/Dynamic Storyboarding

Duration: Two days, fixed price

Pre-requisite: MindManager training requires each trainee to have MindManager 11+, MS Office, and MS Outlook installed. MS Project preferred but not required.

The Capture Management Plan

Defining and documenting winning strategies based on
customer value analysis

Description:  This session provides a complete overview of the Capture Management Plan (CMP) and performs initial population of the CMP using an actual opportunity. The Capture Management Plan is the primary deliverable from Phase - 2 Capture Planning, of the Proposal Maturity ModelTM. Capture Planning is the most critical activity in developing a compelling and winning proposal - having a solid Capture Management Plan supports strong proposals with compelling offerings. At the end of this session, customers have a comprehensive understanding of the maturity of their offering for the chosen opportunity, and prepare a plan to mitigate identified weaknesses in their offering..

Duration: One day, fixed price

Pre-requisite:  Data from current capture activities.

Developing the Compliance Matrix and Outline

Back to Basics - establish the foundation for an easy to evaluate, compliant proposal

Description: This topic may seem basic, but it is at the core of providing a compliant proposal response that is easy to evaluate. During this session an actual solicitation of your choice is reviewed, decomposed, and the compliance matrix and subsequent outline built. This teaches the basic interaction of Sections L and M, the PWS, and other compliance factors. The session provides a detailed analysis and description of compliance versus responsive - topics which are widely misunderstood.

This interactive session will increase your ability to quickly generate compliant proposals.

Duration: One day, fixed price.

Pre-requisite:  Basic understanding of Government solicitation documents.

Custom Training from Proposal Excellence Corporation

PEC is happy to develop training specifically for your needs. In many cases, we have training material from previous sessions that can be quickly adapted, keeping costs low while maintaining high quality and productive training experiences.

Please contact Proposal Excellence Corporation to discuss your training needs and how we can increase your proposal teams capabilities and win rates.