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PEC and Mind Mapping

We have been succesfully using Mind Mapping techniques to enhance proposal performance for over 5 years.

Our tool of choice is MindManager® - which we use to rapidly develop proposal solutions.

We use MindManager map mapping files for activities including:

- Analyzing RFPs

- Gap analysis for Bid decisions

- Creating Outlines

- Dynamic Storyboarding

- Conducting Reviews:  Black Hat, Color Teams

- Proposal Dashboards

Contact PEC for more information on using Mind Mapping techniques to enhance your proposal production.




Solutions from Proposal Excellence

Solutions from PEC are designed with a single purpose: win more bids in a managed and measurable manner.

Are solutions include use of common software applications such as SharePoint, MS Office and MindManager. This provides your team a familiar work environment - increasing productivity while avoiding high costs and vendor hooks of custom proprietary software.

We ensure our solutions are aligned with industry best practices including the Association for Proposal Manager Professionals Capability Maturity Model (APMP-CMM) and the Project Management Institute (PMI) Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK).

Proposal Jumpstart Kit - Fixed Price

PEC's Proposal Jumpstart Kit is a low cost, practical solution to address one of the most common challenges we encounter with clients - getting the proposal process off to a compliant, defined, managed start. When an RFP hits, we provide the following within 24 hours:

Shredded RFP, populated compliance matrix, proposal outline

Storyboard worksheets populated with Section L, M and C information

Proposal schedule (MS Project), delivery checklist, and Kick-Off Briefing Template

The Proposal Jumpstart is a fixed price offering based on the size of the RFP - so there are no cost surprises and you know exactly what you will receive.

Proposal Maturity Model (PMM) - Freeware

The PMM is a comprehensive set of business acquisition processes and templates used in Capture and Proposal activities. The PMM is tailorable and scalable to your specific business needs, and contains over 80 Process, Templates and Desktop Instructions you can use immediately.

20+ Process files in MindManager and MS Word format; with in-line embedded instructions, totally customizable

60+ Templates ranging from proposal Kick-Off briefings to Capture Management Plans; formats include MindManager, MS Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Project)

Three very detailed Desktop Instructions to plan and successfully complete highly visible activities: Blue Team, Black Hat and Red Team Reviews. Zipped files containing multiple formats including MindManager, MS Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Project)

Contact PEC directly to get a copy of the PMM process and template files by clicking here .

Task Order Machine (TOM)

An innovative approach to reponding and winning IDIQ Task Order proposals with short turnaround times and limited support staff. Based on the PMM, TOM provides a tailorable structure you can rapidly adapt and implement on your IDIQ contracts. TOM includes:

30+ Process and template files with in-line embedded instructions, totally customizable. Formats include MindManagee, MS Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Project)

TOM SharePoint Guide and assistance establishing an IDIQ Task Order-specific SharePoint instance, including custom lists and reuse libraries to effectively manage TO proposal responses.

Training in TOM process, templates, Sharepoint, and reuse libraries at your site, with your systems to jumpstart your IDIQ TO response capability.

Be a competitive bidder with TOM on IDIQ Task Order contracts and maximizing your revenue potential. Please contact PEC for more information on TOM.

MindManager® for Proposals

PEC has been using MindManager for capture and proposal development for over 7 years. We are not vendors for MindManager, but have found this commerically available software to be the single most valuable productivity tool for the unique proposal environment.

Contact PEC for a demonstration on how Mind Mapping techniques can enhance your proposal productivity. To learn about PECs MindManager training - click here Link

SharePoint® for Proposals

PEC has been using Microsoft SharePoint for proposal collaboration for several years. During this time we have evolved a standard site configuration, custom lists and reuse librarues to enhance proposal management, leverage pre-positioned data, and have quick insight into activive proposals. Our SharePoint customization includes:

Proposal Team Master Site with dashboard custom lists, reuse library structure, central library features

Custom sub-site templates specifically for for Prime and Sub bids, basic permissions schema, custom lists for common tasks

Work areas for RFIs, Sources Sought, Business Development and Capture activities