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News and Happenings - Significant Wins

January 2022 - NASA SES III $359M Win

It was announed that NASA has awarded the Software Engineering Services III (SES III) contract to Mitchell Vantage Systems, LLC. The scope of work is to provided software engineering services for space flight and space support systems for the Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC). PEC wrote the Management Volume for this proposal.

October 2021 - USAF Rocket Systems Launch Program $225M Win

PEC is proud to have been part of the RSLP team that will perform ICBM services to engineer, integrate, verify and validate mission platforms, and to conduct component sustainment, booster assembly and testing, handling and transportation, surveillance and motor refurbishment. PEC performed Capture, Proposal Management and Colora review support to RSLP.

August 2020 - NASA KSC KEMCON $343M Win

PEC provided Proposal Management and writing support for the Kennedy Space Center NASA Environmental and Medical contract. This contract provides two primary services: 1) environmental support to ensure strong stewardship of the sensitive local wetlands and wildlife given the impacts of space vehicle launches, and 2) all KSC medical services including pre, on-orbit and post-flight support to astronauts and launch support

September 2019 - Outdoor Experience for Veterans Win

PEC provided Proposal Management and writing support for this Veteran Affairs bid. The contract provides outdoor experiences (rafting, fly fishing, etc.) and counselling to veterans to help them cope Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome (PTSD). The experiences are held monthly in 12 western states. Thiswa our clients first award of a competitive Federal contract..

June 2019 - NASA GSFC SENSE $2B Single Award IDIQ Win

PEC provided the Technical Volume Lead, and also contributed to the Management Volume, Past Performance and the Phase-in Plan for the Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC) Space Exploration Network Services and Evolution (SENSE). The SENSE contract provides sustaining engineering, operations and maintenance for NASA’s global command and control Near Earth Network (NEN) and Space Network (SN). SENSE also provides engineering support to ensure the sustainment and operational capabilities of NASAs TDRS satellites that comprise the SN.

June 2018 - DISA SETI $7.5B Full and Open Multiple Award IDIQ Win

PEC provided the Management Volume Lead and strategy support for one of the 10 awardees amongst a competitive field of 35 bidders. SETI awardees will work in task areas such as systems engineering, design analysis engineering, systems architecture, software systems design and development, systems integration, systems test and evaluation, systems deployment and lifecycle engineering, and special systems engineering requirements.

August 2017 - NASA KSC KIAC $320M Win

PEC provided Proposal Management, Writers and multiple Subject Matter Experts for the NASA Kennedy Space Center (KSC) Kennedy Infrastructure, Applications and Communication (KIAC) bid. KIAC provides products and services including application operations and software development; data center operations; voice, imaging and data communications; multimedia services support; documentation and reproduction; and research and library management.

January 2017 - USAF Initial Flight Training (IFT) contract awarded!

Friday the 13th good news story is that the USAF IFT contract worth $290M was awarded to Doss Aviation today - without discussions. The proposal was so compelling that there were no ENs or clarifications of any sort. PEC provided Proposal Management, writing, editing and graphics support.

PEC helps clients win over $1B in 2016

PEC clients enjoyed over $1B in wins awarded in 2016. In fact, we hit the $1B mark with just the four bids listed below:

$446M - CAMMO: AFSPC Consolidated Air Force Satellite Control Network Modifications, Maintenance and Operations. PEC Roles: Solution Architect and Tech Volume Lead, Subject Matter Expert (SME)

$237M - NRWTSS: Non-standard Rotary Wing Aircraft World Wide Training Support Services. PEC Roles: Proposal Manager, Principle Writers, Technical/Management/Past Perform Volume Leads, Graphics, Editing

$227M - DISA D30: Applied Engineering. PEC Role: Management Volume Lead, Writer

$207M - ASTROS: AFSPC Aerospace System Technical Research and Operations Services. PEC Role: Proposal Manager